Silverlight plugin mac not working

Note the processor type, speed, RAM, and operating system information, as some Web sites have specific requirements to view their content. Close the window.

Silverlight for Mac is not being recognized or you are continually prompted to install

Close all open browser windows. Double-click the hard drive icon on the desktop.

Double-click the Library folder. Open the Internet Plug-ins folder.

Is there a file that is named Silverlight. If this file exists, the plug-in is installed. To determine the version, click to select the file. Then, select Get Info on the File menu. Note the version number that is displayed. If the version number that is displayed is 1.

Silverlight Plugin not found on Mac OS Mojave using Firefox ESR 52.1.0

If you have an Intel Processor, all versions of Silverlight are supported. But we recommended that you run the latest version so that you can access Web sites that use the newest features and take advantage of the most recent product improvements.

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Now we can address the individual causes and resolutions. Your system has an earlier version of the plug-in and does not meet the Web site's requirements The most common cause of this issue is that the Web site is using Silverlight 3 for its content. If a site requires version 3, it recognizes whether your system meets the requirement. If the system does not, you are prompted to upgrade. You are directed to the Silverlight site. If you are using a PowerPC, the site recognizes this and that only version 1 can be installed.

I keep getting prompted to install Silverlight.

Firefox The There will be no more security and allowed stability updates for Firefox Totally understand the security aspect of it. Our hope was get everyone using a Windows 10 PC as we know Internet Explorer will support Silverlight until we have time to re write the application.

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Temporary workaround to get Silverlight working on a Mac? - macos safari | Ask MetaFilter

I need it basically to scrape audiovisual data from the web--but I can't get the videos to load. Any other workarounds? This worked for me: Silverlight on Mac no longer supports accessing the local filesystem Silverlight on High Sierra will not allow you to access your folders in the advanced editor, therefore you can not select video content.

Under Safari, select Preferences. Once the preferences tab is open, select Websites. On the left-hand side under plugins, select Silverlight.

In the right-hand window, you will see your website.