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A computer running CUPS is able to accept jobs from client devices, process them and pass it on to the appropriate printer to print. Other printer models that are not directly supported by CUPS may have generic drivers that are compatible which provides basic printing functions.

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A list of printers supported by CUPS can be found at this attached links. To proceed, we will be using the Raspbian stretch OS for this tutorial and since its setup is same as that of the Jessie, I will assume you are familiar with setting up the Raspberry Pi with the Raspbian stretch OS. I also want to assume you know how to ssh into the Raspberry Pi using a terminal software like putty. If you have issues with any of the things mentioned, there are tons of Raspberry Pi Tutorials on this website that can help, and you can also drop your questions in the comment box and I will do my best to respond.

Raspberry Pi print server with no server-side driver – snarhindfosifo.tk

This section will carry us through a series of steps that will culminate in the installation of CUPS on your Raspberry Pi. Kind of a ritual, first thing for all of my projects is updating the Raspberry Pi, by doing this you ensure your pi has all the latest updates to the OS you are working with. With the update done the next line of action is to install our print server software CUPS. This will take some time but will install CUPS and other dependencies like Samba, perl and several other software or libraries. Several settings that generally affect how cups works, like the port on which cups communicate which is by default , port can be changed here.

After saving, restart CUPS to effect the changes to the configuration file using;. Next we add the Pi user to the Ipadmin group. This gives the Raspberry Pi the ability to perform administrative functions of CUPS without necessarily being a super user. Next we need to ensure that CUPS can be connected to on the home network and its also accessible across the entire network. Good guide!

It worked perfectly when printing from a pc but my mac keeps giving me an error: Any ideas? I have the Pi setup and the printer added along with a good test print. Help, I have setup a print server with success and on a separate box set up a WiFi access box with success. Question can I merge both into one box? Is it possible to have this kind of print server look at a folder and automatically print files that are delivered to that folder? However, you will be able to print remotely over Samba from Windows, since it uses its own driver.

The second gotcha I encountered was it took me a while to realise I needed to add a user to samba with smbpasswd -a before I could connect from Mac. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Raspberry Pi Print Server: Stream your PC Games. Gregory Fenton on February 15, at 3: Keep the projects coming Greg Reply. Ian Huntley on February 15, at 3: Lovely tutorial — thank you. Cheers Ian Reply. Michael A Chrest on February 21, at 6: How would you set this up to print from a Chromebook? Joe on February 21, at 7: Nick on February 21, at Tim on June 3, at 7: Did you ever sort this out?

Alex on July 1, at 2: I am experiencing a similar problem. I am on ubuntu. J-Nar on July 6, at 3: J-Nar on July 11, at Lubor on August 7, at Chris on February 25, at Omar on March 1, at 8: Michael Visser on July 3, at 2: Timinski on July 4, at Rick on March 4, at 3: First time using this and little knowledge of programming etc, Thank you Reply. Gus on March 5, at 2: Rick on March 6, at 4: Just upgraded years old raspbian. EE Gram on April 21, at 5: Saul A. Juliao on May 4, at 9: Following your instructions and it worked first time.

Thanks, SAul Reply.


RPI Zero: print & scan servers

Christian on May 12, at 7: Can you help me? Greetings Christian Reply. Tim on May 26, at 7: My guess would be it has something to do with these lines in the SAMBA config file… Un-comment the following and create the profiles directory to store users profiles see the "logon path" option above you need to configure Samba to act as a domain controller too.

Configure cups(print server)

Alex on May 27, at 1: In GitHub, there is a script which creates the AirPrint service. If the. For example: Remember to set up sensible default settings for your new network printer.

Install CUPS

This Apple KB article should help you to set up your printer on your Mac. If it still does not work, try changing your printer LAN server settings. This is additional configuration overhead, but may add the possibility for Windows machines to automatically download drivers from the Raspberry Pi.

This is beyond the scope of this article. Print server Aekseed. Ich habe alles wie beschrieben eingerichtet. Die MeinDrucker. Neugestartet wurden sowohl der cups- als auch der avahi-service nach dem Erstellen. How To: It took quite a while for Windows to add it, but it worked, and now I can print outside of Chrome — which is just what I needed. Prerequisites ALL of the following commands will be run as root.

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