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You may be wondering, why with those speeds is it not our top recommendation? If you can afford it, and you have TB3 ports on your computer, it's well worth it. It's so ridiculously fast. Taking a different approach to the T5, Samsung clad the X5 in plastic, but in the form that looks more like the outer shell of a sports car than an external drive. What's more, inside it has a protection guard built from magnesium and a heat sink to ensure the NVMe SSD inside is kept at a temperature below 45 degrees C.

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All of this innovation and design comes at a cost, both literally in terms of cash outlay and in portability. It's not exactly huge, but it's three times heavier than the Samsung T5, and considerably taller, wider and thicker. Still, it's not difficult to carry around and comfortably fits in a pocket. It may not be as striking to look at as the Samsung X5, but the Seagate Fast SSD has sensible stylings that look like they're designed to match those silver aluminium laptops you see being carried around.

It's quite square, but with round corners and a pretty slim design, it's easy to carry around or slip and out of a bag compartment or pocket. Those same seven video files we've used to test speeds were used on the Seagate, and took 23 seconds to transfer across, showing similar speeds to all the other drives, although slightly slower than both the Sandisk and the Samsung T5.

It's no slouch, and - on average over time - it's the most affordable of the lot.

It can survive drops up to 2 metres, and conforms to Military Standard F. It's recognisable instantly too, thanks to its bright orange chunky, texturised silicone outer casing that absorbs all the shocks and bumps you can throw its way.

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Don't confuse its chunky, hefty looks for slow pace though. It's just as speedy as most of the others on this list, thanks to that SSD storage. Using our same selection of video files, it transferred them in around As a bonus, for those who still have computers rocking the old style Thunderbolt port, it has one of those connectors built into the unit, wrapped around safely in the rubber sleeve. Still, if you're someone who wants durability and security, it may just be worth it for you.

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If you're not necessarily needing your transfer speeds to be really fast, and just need some storage for backup to take with you on your travels, there are a couple of options worth looking at. It's attractive, covered in a dimpled sheet of aluminium and - as the name suggests - it's really slim. We got those same video files as we've been using previously, dragged them across, and they'd written to the drive in around 1min 18 seconds. If you're looking for really great value for money, the Toshiba Canvio Basics is one way to go.

It's compatible with USB 3. It can be reformatted to work with Mac, however, or you can download plugins to make your Mac read NTFS-formatted drives.

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In our file transfer test, it was slightly faster than the Seagate Backup Plus, but not by much. The 9. YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter. SSDs - Small and speedy We've tested each of the following of the previous few months, using each of them to edit 4K video footage in Final Cut Pro, keeping the original files on the external drive, and each of them performed really well, with no real frame-drop issues, slow export or render times.

The rest A couple of non-SSD models Popular In Laptops. Best gaming keyboards: The best quiet, loud, colourful and proud mechanical keyboards around. This cable can charge almost anything. Thankfully, external hard drives are cheaper these days than they used to be years ago. If you're budget conscious, this means you can house your growing digital library without breaking the bank. So if you're looking for the best external hard drive deals, you've landed on the right page. We're rounding up all the noteworthy sales on the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One , desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

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There are plenty of solid deals happening this week, especially since it's end of season clearance month. So now's a great time to score a portable drive for the cheap. Retailers are also offering great deals on fast and portable SSDs for laptops, tablets, and phones.

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